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TempSmart Staffing Solutions Provides Upcoming Holiday Staffing Needs


The holidays are quickly approaching, which means so is the stress of holiday scheduling. With family taking front and center the last few months, employees are sure to want to spend time with loved ones throughout the upcoming season. The question is, “How can home builders provide what clients expect while also managing the hectic holiday rush?”

With the fourth quarter underway, now is the time to team up with TempSmart for your holiday staffing needs.

Set Business Hours

The holiday season is sure to have an impact on operating business hours. When it comes to setting holiday hours, take every holiday into consideration. What hours will be observed during the week of Thanksgiving? Will sales centers or model homes be open for business on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? How about New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day the following week? Look at the calendar to help come up with a plan now. This way, there will be plenty of time to adjust schedules, closing dates and other deadlines before the holiday season kicks off.

Handle Time-Off Requests

Time-off requests are sure to start rolling in soon if they haven’t already. Spending time with loved ones is what makes the holidays so special, so give employees that well-deserved time to do just that. However, while doing this, it is also important to keep business goals in mind and take several factors into consideration including busier-than-normal days due to the holidays, the beginning of flu/cold season, fewer light hours in the working day and already-scheduled time off for vacations.

To prevent being short-staffed, home builders will want to restrict the amount of time that can be taken off and accept requests on a first-come, first-served basis. To avoid staffing issues, try and space out vacations or stagger schedules whenever possible. The sooner this information is communicated with employees, the better idea they will have in terms of staffing solutions that may be needed to keep up with the holiday hustle.

Consider Extra Staff

Sometimes no amount of planning can stop a business from still being short-staffed during the holidays. Luckily, that is where TempSmart comes into play. In addition to direct-hire staffing, TempSmart also offers temporary staffing options, which provides coverage for staff meetings, assistance with special events (grand openings, phase releases, promotions, etc.), back-office support, quarter/year-end support and more throughout the holiday season. For home builders looking to potentially hire in the New Year, TempSmart also offers a temp-to-hire option to help make more informed hiring decisions by using the holiday season as a trial period.

Finding skilled, reliable and qualified personnel is important for any home builder. Are you seeking staffing assistance for model homes, sales centers or offices this holiday season? Contact TempSmart today and let us help you determine your company’s staffing needs. Visit www.TempSmart.com to learn more.