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Why choose TempSmart to fulfill your hiring needs?

We save you time and money!

The process of recruiting, interviewing and hiring new employees can be time consuming and frustrating. It often places a burden on supervisors and managers who have other responsibilities and who may not be trained in recruitment. TempSmart brings expertise and efficiency to the process to help get you to the staffing level in the timeframe you need.

Stop closing sales centers or bringing in model minders who are not trained in the critical path of new home sales every time a staff member calls in sick or plans a vacation. We will provide you with workers who are well trained and closely match your requirements. If a worker doesn’t perform to your standards, that worker will be replaced at no cost to you.

Your goal is to focus on your business and get the work done. Our goal, as a full-service staffing agency, is to provide you with skilled workers who will fulfill your needs.

We Provide Qualified Workers
  • We handle not only the recruitment of employees for you, but we train them as well, so they come to your site ready to work.
  • Temp-to-hire gives you the opportunity to try out an employee before bringing them on full time.
  • Our placements are trained on safety and are prepared to handle jobs that can be challenging. They are equipped to handle construction site hazards.
  • Knowing this reduces your stress and helps maintain a safe on-the-job environment.
  • You get flexibility with staffing which can change due to weather conditions, vacation coverage, etc.
  • Reduction of hiring mistakes because we send only qualified workers.
  • Productivity is improved, and we guarantee your satisfaction.
Opportunities for Temporary Staffing

There are numerous opportunites for home builders to engage a temporary staffing agency to help with hiring skilled and unskilled labor. A busy season, a loss of workers or the expansion of projects are just a few examples where additional staff may be needed on a temporary or temp-to-permanent basis.

And while the workers and craftsmen are temporary to you as the home builder, they are permanent employees of TempSmart which saves you the time and expense of hiring full-time employees then laying them off as a project wraps up or a busy season ends.

We Help Control Hiring Costs

The cost of finding the “right” employees can run into the thousands. Research has shown that a worker earning $8.00 per hour can generate a cost of over $3,500 in turnover expense. When working with TempSmart, you will benefit from our expertise in interviewing and recruiting the right people to fill openings, saving you time and money.

In addition, our process includes drug screenings and background checks and we engage in an in-depth interview and assessment process to confirm that our worker referrals are a good match for your needs.